Phill Farrugia

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer, Writer and Photographer based in San Francisco, California

My name is Phill, I’m a Software Engineer born in Sydney, Australia. I love building human-centered products that are carefully crafted, delightful to use and enrich the lives of the people that use them.

I like to work on teams of smart, and passionate people to collaborate on solving difficult problems in an environment that challenges people to grow and learn together. I thrive in an environment that embraces challenges; taking the path of greatest impact over the path of least resistance.

I value communication above all, and care deeply about the effects that software has on the world around us.

When not writing software, I’m shooting photos of the incredible people, places and things that I experience around me. I’ve written about how I’ve developed my photographic process over the years. I love to travel, hike and go camping in the beautiful nature of Northern California.

I’ve given talks at local iOS meetups in Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco. Talking about the ways people work in teams, challenging the assumptions people make about the process of building products and sharing my experiences with others as much as possible.

I’m the organizer of a local San Francisco based Product Design meetup called Product Of SFO. We gather together regularly to drink coffee, provide feedback on side projects, discuss aspects of design in practice and to create a small community of diverse people.