Ex Machina

Ex Machina

I just watched Ex Machina, a British Sci-Fi film directed by Alex Garland and immediately loved it. Not only was it a beautiful film, true to the reasons I love the genre, but it was incredibly thought provoking and different.

Garland depicts a vivid future in which Artificial Intelligence has advanced far beyond where it is today. Distinction between human and machine is present visually but is questioned on a theoretical level.

It constantly plays with ideas of human intelligence and creationism yet it also has an underlying element of gender in its portrayal of the female form. Positioning of women is somewhat deliberate and representative of many existing present day concerns.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and it has reignited my love for the Sci-Fi genre. I can't wait to see it again, dig deeper into the ideas Garland addresses and explore them further myself. If you haven't already, make plans to see it. Joshua Topolsky recorded this great episode of Tomorrow with Garland about the movie that's also well worth your time.

Finding space

People can be incredibly opinionated on Twitter and just in general. I say that because I'm also one of these people. It can be hard to find space to consider thoughts and ideas unless you know the sort of people willing to engage in serious discourse.

There's also the fact that I'm absolutely terrible at conveying my thoughts verbally, in emoji, or within 140 characters or less. Writing is tough but it allows me to focus on and deeply consider an idea that mightn't initially make sense to anyone else.

When I was younger I'd write relatively meaningless words I was passionate about on Posterous. I'd argue with myself about WikiLeaks and Chelsea Manning, try to convince myself Facebook was destructive and grapple with a philosophical perspective on absolutely anything. I still enjoy being critical and thinking things through. It has since defined the kind of person I've become, the work I love to do and people I know.

Like I did then, I'm setting aside a place on the internet for me to play with ideas, thoughts and questions. I've found there's a sub-concious difference between writing something that nobody will see and writing to yourself publicly. That's where this space fits in and will allow me to think out loud without needing to fit my words into someone else's expectations.

I may write long rants, share code or simply post photos. Either way take anything I say with a grain of salt (unless of course it piques your interest. In which case feel free to share it). Writing is only enjoyable for me if it's focused on an idea that I'm passionate about.

You might enjoy what I have to say if, like me, you're optimistic about the potential role of technology in the future but also know how to approach it critically. I tend not to hold a wholly pesimistic view of technology. It seems to always be in abundance but serves no real purpose.

I should mention that I'm an avid listener of podcasts. At the moment I'm keenly subscribed to Tomorrow, Roderick On The Line and The Partially Examined Life. I have a couple of pages left of Becoming Steve Jobs and as a Philip K. Dick fanatic I've just begun reading A Scanner Darkly.

There are few potential leads for posts in the works, so you should see something soon. Right now I'm thinking about 'affordances in design' or something along the lines of 'optimism and critical thinking'. Not too sure yet.

Thanks for reading