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I really enjoy writing words and publishing them on the internet. It’s a brilliant way for me to formulate an idea, explore it in depth and materialise it in a physical sense before expressing my thoughts to others. I tend to write a lot for Bilue, about our company, our culture, our daily happenings and anything that seems to come to mind. This is a simple list of my favourite pieces that I’m most proud of -

Try! Swift 2016

5th Anniversary Party


The Cole Classic 2016 Swim

Yow! 2015 Conference

Driving Forward

NSCamp 2015

Speaking at DevWorld 2015

A Podcast a day

A little somethin’ on the side


Initial WWDC Impressions

Accessibility on Apple Watch

What makes a watch, a watch?

Using the Apple Watch

In an emergency, break the glass

If you enjoy my writing, feel free to let me know or share them. Writing is my secret passion, and it really makes me proud to see what I’ve accomplished through these pieces of work.