Not a Junior

I don't really care about job titles, whether you're a developer, an engineer, a designer, a product manager, a ninja or rockstar. Your job title tells me nothing about who you are, your values, how far you are willing to be pushed or how far you're willing to push yourself.

But I'm a hypocrite and I often do differently than I say.

At my previous job I went from being an Intern to a Junior Developer and for quite a while that was more than enough. I was stoked and could not have been more proud of what I'd accomplished.

But now I'm working at Bilue, and I've worked with some of the smartest developers I've ever met. And I've crossed paths with developers that I've looked up to for a very, very long time and some of them are even now friends.

I was recently identified by someone as a Junior Developer, which is a mistake that I can understand anyone would make. I'm a young, small and relatively childish person to be around. If anyone was to look at me at face value, they wouldn't see how far I've come, so it's understandable.

Now that it has been said, I want to make it as loud and clear as I possibly can.

I am not a Junior Developer.

I'm capable of enough software development to be dangerous.

I have a ridiculously long list of goals I've been delaying for about 3 years. As of last week I am no longer a student. There's no longer any excuse, you should be scared because I intend to get them done.


Right now I'm doing what I love.

I'm not here for you or anyone else. Not for money and not for attention. I'm here for me. I know too many people than I wish I did that are living and working to make money, to grow for the sake of growing and to achieve a selfish, material, business-focused rather than human-focused ends. This hurts.

In the end I want my actions to be capable of helping others in meaningful ways. I'm not quite there yet but I can see the beginnings of that pathway. In a way that is probably excessively self-aware, I see myself constantly asking why I am making the decisions I make and too often I don't see people asking why.

Instead I see the reasons why they once did amazing work begin to slide away, they fall into the traps of a 'career', a 'company', 'growth' and 'success' which to me are nothing more than emotionless, mindless drool. They're wasting time on nonsense and they use their age, status, wealth and respect to perpetuate this throughout the social community around them. You are stuck.

When I was younger I hated the term 'experience' and the meaning that people derive from age. I still think both of these concepts are bullshit. Experience means nothing to me. What are you capable of now? Age means just as little. What are you capable of now? I've learnt a lot of lessons over the past few years, about software, business, products and design but I still hold onto these values strongly.

I'm doing what I love, for the right reasons. I'm going to keep getting better at things, however slowly, but I'm not going to stop fighting against you. You're not the type of person I am, we don't share the same values.


What does it mean to be better? Does better mean being more successful? Does it mean financial success? Does it mean personal success? Does it mean beating others? Is better even something surface level? Or does it live deeper and is it more complex than it seems.

The world is full of cash strapped giants, it does not need another one. It is overcrowded by the number of people growing, competing with each other to be something that seems better.

Chasing a thinly veiled perception of success that harkens to a deeper misunderstanding of exactly what it means to be successful. An inherent failure sneakily covered up by the belief that one's intentions, goals, plans and future are "going to be different than before". The warning signs are subtle and to the person who keenly knows exactly where to look they are clear. But to everyone else they seem to be invisible, non-existent, ignored.

As more people arrive what was once a small, inside joke is now a full scale social movement. People are looking and are listening. Is what is being said, worth being said? Or are we saying what people need to hear and what we need to hear not what matters most?

What matters most is people. People, emotion, experience, intention, necessity, value, truth and above all - care. Not growth, optimisation, revenue, investment, targets, customers, resources and 'innovation'. The word doesn't mean what you think it means.

We choose the path we want to go down. The work we do, the lives we lead, the people we care about. You choose to chase something that won't be around when you're gone.

I'm not going to waste my life on 'revenue'. I'm in it because I fucking love what I do, what I have the potential to do and I won't stop until the day that I'm in the ground.

Baffled by Reddit Drama

I'm admitting it. I'm completely in any and every way possible baffled by this week's Reddit drama.

I'm not saying Redditors are good citizens. I'm not saying Redditors are bad citizens. I'm not saying that I'm right or that I'm wrong. I'm just baffled. I can't help it, I'm struggling to understand some of the things I've been reading and I'm trying extremely hard to understand what I'm missing that everyone else seems to be getting.

It’s Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit

Following an apology posted by Ellen Pao herself on the site, the New York Times published this article. Which was in reality originally a completely different article that had been edited and replaced by a clearly more critical and agressive perspective of events.

The Daily Beast then published this article addressing some of the personal attacks that occurred in the lead up to Pao's resignation.

Reddit’s Terrorists Have Won: Ellen Pao and the Failure to Rebrand Web 2.0

I don't understand the justification for the use of the terms 'terrorists', 'worst trolls on the internet', 'hate mob', 'misogynistic' which cast a wide and generic blanket over the entire 'toxic' community surrounding Reddit.

Responses from Twitter seem to share a similar tone of voice

kill all users of the website reddit

— keen online poster (@jonathonio) July 15, 2015

a longtime Redditor says he's done w/ the site, which he says is now the largest white supremacist community online.

— Gene Demby (@GeeDee215) July 12, 2015

A summary of the recent revelations about reddit management, for those out of the loop.

— Izzy Galvez ™ (@iglvzx) July 15, 2015

Many people prefer to use the term 'mysogynistic assholes' to refer to any users of the site. It's baffling. I use Reddit, often. I subscribe to r/news, r/technology, r/science, r/movies, r/philsosophy and a bunch more. I've learnt a lot from the community and continue to.

I'm a proud supporter of equal rights across the entire spectrum of society.

Why does this make me a mysogynist? Why am I now a white supremacist? I'm not comfortable being labeled something I am not.

Taking the high road

Being in control of a situation feels great. You get to look like the smartest guy in the room, take your pick of the witty and ironic tweets to send to all your friends and come out socially unscathed. Being on the right side of the status quo, picking the good fight and saying all the right things.

It has become so incredibly easy for people in the technology industry to take sides, to agree, and support a cause simply because it is the safe thing to do. Because it looks to be the right thing to do. People assume that because everyone supports a cause it must be correct, that the powers above have already determined the right from the wrong.

Take any cause, or issue currently under scrutiny in today's society. Gay marriage, freedom of speech, gender equality, anything. Do you support it? Yes? Have you ever asked yourself why? Truly the questions, ethics, values, doubts and experiences that led you to that conclusion and caused you to make an informed logical and confident decision?

Would you be willing to stand up for it against a naysayer and clearly present a justification for your beliefs? Or is it just something that you agree with because it’s what all young people do? Because you don’t want to be the outcast that doesn’t agree with something that everyone else does. If you can’t justify your choice you are doing the rest of those who can a dis-service.

It is better to be wrong and fight for what you believe in than to assume and take sides because it is safe. And that works both ways. Do not act smart, cool and witty on Twitter or anywhere else because you’re on the ‘right’ side of the fence. Be brave enough to stand alone against complacency.

It is so god damn comfortable and easy.

You think you’re better than everyone because you tick all the right boxes? Get real.